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    Conpura products are focusing on the supply of mechanical equipment solutions for waste water treatment. Our products are used for physical separation and material handling within pre-treatment and sludge handling in both the municipal and the industrial markets.


    Ever since the company started in 1972, Conpura has designed and produced shaftless conveyors as separate units to large and complex systems. The transport- and handling systems consist of a wide and well documented line of products. The shaftless conveyors handles in an optimal way complicated material such as screenings, sand and sludge without risk of clogging. Products from Conpura guarantee that the installation will meet current standards for a long time.


    The conveyors are often an additional equipment or one component of the other products in the product program. This means that the conveyors that Conpura delivers always are tailored and designed for the application they shall work in. Shaftless conveyors are today regarded as the most optimal solution for transporting hard materials such as screening, grit,sludge, etc. The conveyor is a closed unit which also makes it safe and quiet in a clean environment.


    ConWashpress is a combined screening press and wash press which washes and presses screening from for instance a fine screen or a sieve. ConWashpress is manufactured in three standard sizes for various capacity requirements. ConWashpress can be provided with a control system for increased effectiveness of washing and dewatering. The system reduces water consumption and the operating time and thus increases the life time.


    ConDrain is an excellent complement to the screw conveyor ConVey. It dewaters and compresses the screening effectively. Depending on the material, volume can be reduced up to 75%. Many installations at municipal water and wastewater treatment plants and industry which are in operation confirm its reliability. A screw conveyor with a dewatering unit in combination with Conpura’s different types of screens gives optimal handling of the screening.


    The Container trolley is designed for standard containers. In our program there are also trolleys for transversed containers and with swivel base for containers. The design is very robust to withstand the large loads that may occur. The shafts have well-dimensioned ball bearings and the container trolley is provided with lugs in its corners for the steering of the container. Container trolley comes with or without motor drive. When the container trolley is supplied without a driving unit it can be fitted with a drawbar for connection to a container car. The container trolley is delivered for running on rails as standard, but can also be delivered for running directly on the concrete floor. In such cases the wheels are made of cast iron with polyurethane tyres, all according to the customer needs.


    The Lime/Sludge mixer is designed for incorporation of lime to normal municipal sewage sludge. Conpura’s solution also provides a secure mixing and a homogeneous and stabilized sludge. Outgoing sludge/lime mixture can for its energy content advantageously be incinerated, used as landfill or used as fertilizer for agriculture.


    Conpura has a wide range of equipment for the effective screening of wastewater in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants. The line includes a widely used range of screw and drum screens as well as fine step screens and coarse climber screens.
    When you choose products from Conpura you can rest assured that the plant will meet all applicable regulations.


    The ConClimber is intended for installation in pumping stations and treatment plants. It is an advanced coarse bar screen, based on proprietary technology and over 25 years of experience. The rack and pinion drive eliminates the need of chain adjustments and provides smooth operation. As the gear racks are fixed to the frame sides, channel depth and discharge heights are unlimited.


    The ConCable is a wire driven coarse screen designed for installation in deep and wide channels and is suitable for installation where ceiling heights are limited as the overall height is low in relation to other screens available on the market. The screen is available upon request fully enclosed with a control panel.


    The ConStep is a step screen designed to remove particles in wastewater. It is most commonly installed in sewage treatment plants and pumping stations. It is manufactured of all stainless steel (304 or 316) and is fully enclosed.


    The ConSieve Screw Screen is a compact and economical screen for the removal, dewatering, and transport of screenings. The screw screen is customized for the flow of the plant and required outlet height. U-troughs with removable covers facilitate maintenance and cleaning.


    The ConDrum is an externally fed drum screen, which is idealfor use with septage trucks where screenings and solid particles need to be separated before being routed to the next process. . The ConDrum can also be beneficial when used in the food industry. The drum screen is a pre treatment unit with relatively few moving parts. It consists of a drive unit and a cylinder shaped drum. The screen is supplied with slot widths of between 0.25 – 1.5 mm. The ConDrum has a stainless steel design and fully enclosed.


    Conpura has a wide range of equipment for efficient handling of grit in sewage treatment plants and in the industry. Our line of equipment includes a well-documented range of screw- and drum screens as well as fine and coarse screens. When you choose products from Conpura you can be assured that your facility will conform to all requirements currently and in the future.


    ConWash is a compact sand washer carried out by acyclone with a prewash and ConSep Grit Dewaterer. The sand separation tank is designed to be as small as possible but with high efficiency and with separation of sand down to a grain size of 0.20 mm. It is equipped with necessary connections for cleaning water and drainage. There is an inspection door and also the valves necessary for automatic operation. The design is made of stainless steel and completely encapsulated. Wear and tear parts are made of high quality steel which provides optimized life-time at continuous operation.


    ConClar 321/325 is a travelling bridge scraper for rectangular grit chambers which can be delivered in two performances:

    • ConClar 321 grit scraper is designed to sweep the sand    along the bottom of the tank to the sand pit.

    • ConClar 325 grit pump is designed for continuous hoisting of sand with operation in both directions.

    ConClar is designed for operation in a rectangular sand traps and during operation it collects both sand and grease. The scraper is adapted to embrace 1 to 3 grit chambers. The scraper is operated in automatic mode and is controlled by a timer. The scraper can also be operated in manual mode


    ConSep is an effective classifier in type of a screw which is manufactured in five standard sizes and is used for automatic

    removal of grit or other sediment particles with relative high sedimentation velocity. ConSep consists of a steel tank for the separation of sand to minimize the risk of bridging of sediment particles. In the bottom there is a reinforced shaftless screw conveyor which transports and drains the sand. The design of the reject outlet is ample and is also serving as emergency outlet.


    ConVortex is a complete circular sand trap with a mammoth pump for removing the grit and has equal or better performance than a conventional sand trap. A service bridge ensures that maintenance can be performed optimally. The unit is delivered with a variable speed-controlled mixer and a blower to ensure the operation of the mammoth pump.


    Conpura has a wide range of equipment for efficient sludge handling in wastewater treatment plants. The line includes a well-documented range of sludge scrapers. When you choose products from Conpura you can rest assured that the plant will meet applicable requirements for a long time.


    The ConClar 537 peripheral driven suction sludge scraper is a sludge scraper designed for installation in large circular basins that are usually designed with a rotating scraper bridge. ConClar is manufactured in several designs. ConClar 537 efficiently sucks up sedimented sludge through hydrostatic pressure – called a suction sludge scraper or siphon sludge scraper. The sludge flow rate is regulated by means of a telescopic pipe mounted on the suction pipes. The design offers high reliability, combined with proven technology.


    ConClar 410 is a wire driven sludge scraper with a basic andcompetitive design. The sludge scraper has few moving parts, is extremely reliable and is designed for installation in rectangular sedimentation basins. The ConClar wire scraper can be selected independent of basin size and/or sludge volume. ConClar 410 can also be equipped for surface sludge removal if desired


    ConClar 531 is a peripheral driven sludge scraper equipped with bottom scrapers, which move the sludge from the periphery to the sludge pit in the centre. The sludge scraper can be supplied with a logarithmic scraper or a conventional scraper blade positioned directly under the bridge.


    ConClar 447 is a travelling suction sludge scraper that collects the sludge from the bottom of the basin through siphoning. The sludge is transferred to an adjacent sludge channel. The travelling bridge is designed to run back and forth along the tank from the inlet to the outlet ends at a speed of 1-2 metres per minute.


    The Conpura ConThick is a centre-driven thickener designedfor installation in sludge or fibre thickeners. ConThick’s task is to reduce the water content in the sludge. The basic principle of ConThick thickener is that the vertical scraper arms compact the sludge. The water is then pressed out of the sludge and moves upwards.

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