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    Obermeyer Spillway Gates


    are most simply described as a row of steel gate panels supported on their downstream side by inflatable air bladders. By controlling the pressure in the bladders, the pond elevation maintained by the gates can be infinitely adjusted within the system control range (full inflation to full deflation) and accurately maintained at user-selected set points.

    Obermeyer spillway gates provide excellent controllability over a full range of flow rates, water elevations and gate positions. Individual gate segments operating on the same air supply line maintain a uniform crest height relative to each other. Obermeyer spillway gates also provide very repeatable positioning relative to inflation pressure. Gate elevation is accurately controlled by PLC as headwater level can be used to precisely measure and control flow.


    With over 400+ installations of all sizes throughout the globe, there is definitely no doubt that the Obermeyer spillway gates is the right solution for water level control. Unlike conventional steel spillway gates, Obermeyer spillway gates are supported for their entire width by inflatable air bladders, resulting in simple foundation requirements and a cost effective, efficient gate structure. With major advantages over conventional gates such as easy adaptation to existing concrete structures, no intermediate piers required, quick and simple installation and maintenance, Obermeyer spillway gates prove to be a great investment due to increased revenue, decreased maintenance, and low cost of installation.

    The versatility and flexibility of Obermeyer spillway gates have enabled the gates to be utilized for all kinds of application, including:

    • Water Storage• Hydro Electric• Recreational• Navigation

    • Flow Control

    • Flood Mitigation

    • Water Irrigation• Tidal Gates• Traffic Barriers

    • Parking Structure

    • Sediment and Debris Control

    In Malaysia alone, Obermeyer spillway gates have been installed in various rivers and dams throughout the nation for multiple applications such water irrigation for paddy fields, water diversion for flood mitigation projects, increasing water storage capacity for dams, water level control for pumping stations, river flow control for recreational purpose as well as flood prevention for basement car parks. Due to the flexibility of Obermeyer spillway gates to be custom-designed to conform to any existing or desired spillway cross-section with a minimum profile when in the lowered position, Obermeyer spillway gates remain as the preferred solution for our customers.


    Despite being a product designed and built by Obermeyer Hydro Inc in USA since 1988, the transfer of technology and partnership between Obermeyer Hydro Inc and Sam McCoy has allowed Sam McCoy to design and fabricate the gates locally in our well-equipped factory to support the market in Southeast Asia. This provide a major competitive advantage for a lower cost as well as efficient local support and services.

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